PDM Recommended Practices Archive

Here you can access previous versions of PDM Recommended Practice documents, for instance to validate older STEP files against the correct guidelines. The applicable versions of Recommended Practices are typically listed in the header section of each STEP file (Part 21 and XML).

AP242 Domain Model XML Configuration Management

DocumentRelease Date
Version 1.2 (current)2023-12-08
Version 1.12023-04-06
Version 1.02021-11-26

AP242 Domain Model XML Product & Assembly Structure

DocumentRelease Date
Version 3.2 (current)2024-01-11
Version 3.12022-11-18
Version 3.02021-11-23
Version 2.22020-09-30
Version 2.12019-12-20
Version 2.02018-10-30
Version 1.22017-06-30
Version 1.12016-05-20
Version 1.02015-02-13