EWIS Interoperability Forum


The EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems) Interoperability Forum (EWIS-IF) is a domain specialization within the MBx-IF.

The objectives of the EWIS-IF are to speed up the development of Electrical wiring harness information data interfaces based on ISO 10303 AP242.

The EWIS-IF is composed of industries representatives (the users) and electrical tools providers (the implementors) that will work together to improve STEP AP242 electrical translator quality and decrease translator time-to-market.


The EWIS Interoperability Forum is organized in two groups:

  • The User Group, composed of industries representatives, that defines the priorities of implementation of the STEP AP242 ed2 Electrical Harness interfaces through the definition of use cases & test cases.
  • The Implementor Group, composed of electrical tools providers, that is in charge of:
    • The implementation & validation of STEP Electrical recommended practices
    • The Interoperability test rounds