Why join?

User Industry Benefits

  • Share common requirements, ideas and questions.
  • Prioritize topics on industry level.
  • Challenge conceptions with other points of view.
  • Early feedback on requirements from software implementors and standards developers.
  • Stability of new approaches.
  • Direct interaction with standardization teams to ensure smooth integration of new capabilities into existing scope.

Software Provider Benefits

  • Testing in a closed, trusted environment, supported by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Early feedback on issues leads faster development cycles.
  • Beta-testing with other systems enhances product interoperability and robustness even before production release.
  • User requirements can be discussed and common implementation approaches agreed.
  • Direct interaction with standardization teams to ensure new capabilities are defined in a way that is easily implementable across platforms.

How to join

  • As an industry user, have processes in place in any of the MBx domains that are based on STEP, primarily AP242. This includes internal processes as well as customer/supplier integration.
  • As a solution provider, develop or offer a translator or application supporting either STEP AP242 Physical Files (“Part 21 files”), STEP AP242 Domain Model XML files, or both.
  • Either be an AFNeTPDES, Inc., or prostep ivip member.
  • Actively collaborate
    • in STEP interoperability testing as a solution provider,
    • in discussing capabilities and developing user stories as an industry representative.
  • Participate in regular conference calls (1-2 per month).
  • Join the team in quarterly workshop (2 online; 2 face-to-face)