STEP Viewers

The following table lists available STEP geometry viewing applications. The intent of this list is only informational, to provide potential users with a guide to STEP viewing applications on the market.

NOTE: The STEP file viewers have not been tested by the MBx-IF. The fact that a STEP file viewer is listed here is in no way a statement about availability, functionality, or quality of the application. The list is sorted alphabetically by vendor company name.

ActifySpinFirewww.actify.compaid license, free trial
AutodeskViewerviewer.autodesk.comonline; free registration
C3D LabsC3D Viewerwww.c3dlabs.comfree and paid license
CADCAM-eEnSuite-Viewwww.cadcam-e.comfree license
CADEXCAD Exchangerwww.cadexchanger.compaid license, free trial
CadSoftToolsABViewerwww.cadsofttools.compaid license, free trial
CapvidiaMBDvidiawww.capvidia.compaid license, free trial
Clari3DClari3Dwww.clari3d.compaid license, free trial
CT CoreTechnologie3D_Analyzerwww.coretechnologie.depaid license
Dassault Systèmes3DEXPERIENCE 3DPlaywww.3ds.compaid license
Dassault SystèmesSOLIDWORKS eDrawingswww.solidworks.comfree license
Elysium3DxSUITEwww.elysium-global.compaid license
Fougue Ltd.Mayowww.github.comOpen Source
FreeCAD TeamFreeCADwww.freecadweb.orgfree license (LGPL/Creative Commons)
GloviusGlovius Viewerwww.glovius.compaid license, free trial
(AP209 Ed2)
www.jotneit.nopaid license
Kisters3DViewStationviewer.kisters.depaid license, free trial
Kubotek KosmosView / Convertwww.kubotekkosmos.compaid license, free trial
LKSoftIDA-STEPwww.ida-step.netfree and paid license
Machine ResearchSTEP Viewerwww.machineresearch.compaid license, free trial
NISTSTEP File Analyzer and Viewerwww.nist.govfree license
OpenCascadeCAD Assistantwww.opencascade.comfree license
Open Design AllianceOpen STEP Vieweropenstepviewer.comfree license
RDFSTEP Viewerrdf.bgfree license
Siemens PLMTC Visualizationwww.plm.automation.siemens.comfree and paid license
SolidViewSTEP Viewerwww.solidview.compaid license, free trial
Theorem SolutionsCAD license
TransMagicSuperView – 3D CAD Viewerwww.transmagic.compaid license, free trial
VariCADVariCAD Viewerwww.varicad.comfree and paid licenses
Virtual Systems EngineeringPREVIEW Viewerwww.virtualsystemsengineering.compaid license, free trial
ZWSOFTCADbrowww.cadbrother.compaid license, free trial
3DTool3DToolwww.3d-tool.compaid license