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CAx Interoperability Forum

CAx domain overview

The Computer-Aided-"x" (Design, Manufacturing, Inspection) Implementor Forum (CAx-IF) is a sub-group of the MBx-IF dedicated to the implementation and testing of the STEP AP242 standard. It focuses primarily on 3D geometry, represented as precise B-Reps as well as tessellated geometry, assembly structure, product and manufacturing information (PMI), model styling and organization, and user-defined defined attributes. Validation Properties are also defined for these capabilities, based on user requirements.

CAx User Group and CAx Implementor Group

The User Group consists of industry representatives who define and prioritize industry requirements, test cases and acceptance criteria for CAx capabilities in scope of AP242.

The Implementor Group is composed of CAx system developers and vendors of STEP translation and validation tools, implementing AP242 interfaces. It develops Recommended Practices based on industry needs and validates them in the CAx test rounds.

Interoperability Forum
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CAx User Group

Scope of the user group is Computer-Aided-"x" (Design, Manufacturing, Inspection), based on STEP AP242 Edition 2.
Deliverables are prioritized use cases and test cases V1 for 2020, MBx data exchange (MBx LTA, etc) and Preparation of related public test cases.
Goals and Objectives of the CAx user group are:

CAx Implementor Group

The main deliverable of the CAx Implementor Group is interoperable STEP software products. This is enabled by harmonized implementation guidelines for AP242, the so-called Recommended Practices. These documents:
These Recommended Practices are validated in CAx test rounds. There two test rounds each year, starting and ending in March and September respectively. During each round:
Test round summaries (starting with CAx Round 39J), as well as meeting dates, can be found on the MBx-IF Calendar.