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STEP file viewers

The following table lists available STEP geometry viewing applications. The intent of this list is only informational, to provide potential users with a guide to STEP viewing applications on the market.


The STEP file viewers have not been tested by the MBx-IF. The fact that a STEP file viewer is listed here is in no way a statement about availability, functionality, or quality of the application. The list is sorted alphabetically by vendor company name.

Vendor Viewer URL License
Actify SpinFire paid license, free trial
Autodesk Viewer online; free registration
C3D Labs C3D Viewer free and paid license
CADCAM-e EnSuite-View free license
CADEX CAD Exchanger paid license, free trial
CadSoftTools ABViewer paid license, free trial
Capvidia MBDvidia paid license, free trial
Clari3D Clari3D paid license, free trial
CT CoreTechnologie 3D_Analyzer paid license
Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE 3DPlay paid license
Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS eDrawings free license
Elysium 3DxSUITE paid license
Fougue Ltd. Mayo Open Source
FreeCAD Team FreeCAD free license (LGPL/Creative Commons)
Glovius Glovius Viewer paid license, free trial
Jotne EDMopenSimDM
(AP209 Ed2) paid license
Kisters 3DViewStation paid license, free trial
Kubotek K-Display View paid license, free trial
LKSoft IDA-STEP free and paid license
Machine Research STEP Viewer paid license, free trial
NIST STEP File Analyzer and Viewer free license
OpenCascade CAD Assistant free license
Open Design Alliance Open STEP Viewer free license
RDF STEP Viewer free license
Siemens PLM TC Visualization free and paid license
SolidView STEP Viewer paid license, free trial
Theorem Solutions CAD Viewer paid license
TransMagic SuperView - 3D CAD Viewer paid license, free trial
VariCAD VariCAD Viewer free and paid licenses
Virtual Systems Engineering PREVIEW Viewer paid license, free trial
ZWSOFT CADbro paid license, free trial
3DTool 3DTool paid license