Round 45J Schedule

Scope Summary

Semantic PMI Representation

  • Testing based on AP242 Edition 2 and PMI Rec. Pracs. v4.0.6+
  • Based on subset of updated (2019) NIST MBE PMI Validation Project native CAD Models
  • Focus on specific capabilities per test case

PMI Tessellated Presentation

  • Keep parallel test cases for Graphic Presentation
  • Tessellated Part Geometry
  • Focus on Saved Views, element visibility and cross-highlighting
  • Saved View Validation Properties

AP242 BO Model XML Kinematics

  • Continue collaboration with JT-IF
  • Expect broader participation in 2020
  • Support Mechanism as well as Motion
  • Update and extend Rec. Practices

CAD-PDM Interoperability Testing

  • Continue collaboration with PDM-IF
  • Import files from PDM-IF Test Round 9
  • Re-export to PDM-IF to complete round-trip

UUID for Metrology & Inspection

  • Traceability
  • Design Change
  • Covering Geometry, PMI, Attributes

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