Round 42J Schedule

Scope Summary

Semantic PMI Representation

  • Testing based on AP242 Edition 2 DIS and PMI Rec. Pracs. v4.1+
  • Based on subset of updated (2018) NIST MBE PMI Validation Project native CAD Models (CTCs 2 & 5; FTCs 6, 8 & 9)
  • Graphic Presentation, associated to Representation
  • Semantic PMI Validation Properties
  • Editable PMI text strings

PMI Tessellated Presentation

  • Keep parallel test cases for Graphic Presentation
  • Tessellated Part Geometry
  • Focus on Saved Views, element visibility and cross-highlighting

Alternative Part Shapes

  • Test case not decided yet
  • Possible scenarios:

    • Alternative Part Shapes in Assemblies (e.g, flexible parts)
    • Several tessellated shapes of same part with different levels of detail

AP242 BO Model XML Kinematics (New!)

  • Rec. Practices and Schema available
  • Test models available
  • "Kinematic Motion" preferred approach in CAx-IF
  • "Kinematic Mechanism" also tested in CAx-IF and JT-IF

STEP AP242 BO Model XML Assembly Structure

  • Using Recommended Practices for AP242 BO Model XML Assembly Structure
  • Use of AP242 TC and Rec. Practices v2.0
  • Include User Defined Attributes and Assembly Validation Properties
  • Continue CAD-PDM interoperability testing


  • Re-test CO2 and CO3 in collaboration with LOTAR Composites WG

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